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(03.06.21) Peanut butter has been a favorite food of mine since I knew what it was. When my brothers were cooking KD, I was making PJ on toast (Ya Toast!). Mandi always proclaimed to me her disgust for peanut butter. Today, as I was making my lunch for work tomorrow (of course including a pair of PJ sandwiches), she said to me, "I'm gunna try something." I immediately told her she needs to pass the idea through the board of common sense (myself) before proceeding, but, without a moments delay (not counting her trouble reading the inscription on the toaster -

-she spread some jam and peanut butter, to my surprise, on her toasted bread. "Why didn't you tell me it was so good?" Well, I figured the fact that I eat the stuff straight from the PB jar ought to speak for itself. Owell. Whatever form progress takes. Needless to say, she had more. (I think she might be emptying the jar as I type). That explains why she recently bought double rations.
Life Changing Facts:
Theaters in Glendale, California can show horror films only on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
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