Family Cruise 2014

Sunday January 19, 2014. 16:25
Day 2 - Out in a Boat


First morning at sea and the sea legs are working just fine. The sea stomach was unsure about it for a good part of the night, but it didn’t get to upset. We had our first morning family meeting leaning over our balconies as we passed within sight of Guanahani Island (to our west, as everything we see from our rooms is).

We met up with Uncle Troy and Gramma for breakfast buffet at the Sunview dining hall on the 14th floor, which was pretty good, more than enough. After breakfast we went to check the youth program. We got there at 11:00. We found out the morning program went until noon, and the afternoon program started at 14:00. We decided to go swimming until then, which turned into gramma & Nichole in the small pool and Mandi & I in the deep pool. The pool guy put up a volley ball net, so we smacked the ball around with a couple other guys before joining them in the shallow pool. Troy, Lee & Lisa were out by this time, but only Troy and Lee came in to play. Mom wouldn’t take Nichole into the hut tub as the sign said no one under 16 allowed, even though other kids were there. We allowed her to later on.

The wind started picking up and it started cooling down, and it was nearing cupcake decorating time in the youth area, so we packed up and came back to our room to get Nichole ready for her afternoon of fun. The plan was for her to stay right through until we were done our formal supper, but we ended up picking her up for some homework time around 16:30 and Gramma took her back there just before 18:00. Nichole wore her Minnie Mouse dress for her kids supper while we were getting dressed up for ours. I was disappointed to find out that my free tux rental they offered me was cancelled due to availability. Nice. Good thing Mandi and I went shopping after dropping Nichole off earlier and I picked up a pair of linen pants and a long sleeve linen shirt, which I ended up wearing. No one even commented on it. Also, as the girls were working on home work, Troy & I did some looking around at the shops, but just looking.

Supper was good, I had a rack of lamb, which I admit I prefer pork ribs over any day. Mandi had frogs legs, webbed feet and all. We were informed we need to change our clocks ahead for our next 3 days at port (so this 21:58 post is really like 22:58), which Mandi did immediately. We left supper around 20:15, dropped off the camera at the room and went to pick up Nichole. We got through our bedtime routine relatively painlessly (including Nichole’s shower) and got her into bed a bit later then we wanted.

All in all I think it was a good day, I think my stomach is starting to accept the waves. I’m a bit annoyed by the number of crew who tell me I need to put “slippers” on, even when I explain to them bare foot cruising helps prevent an upsetstomach for me. I will persist! So far, it’s been fun, but not as good as my experiences on Carnival and Norwegian for the most part, and not even close to my experiences on Ships N Dip and The Rock Boat. We’ll see how the next few days go, and I’ll judge at the end. For now, it’s off to Neverland!


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