Disney World 2014

Saturday January 11, 2014. 22:29
Getting To Disney World!


Well, it was a day. Last night we stayed at the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Freeport Inn & Suites before getting up at 0500 to catch our 0755 flight south. The idea behind this was Mandi would be able to spend a wee bit of time with her sister who flew in from China last night at 2250, exchange some Christmas gifts, have a quick breakfast in the morning and wish each other safe travels as we head through customs. This went mostly according to plans, if plans also included 5 hours of sleep and a whirlwind visit! It did go well, and I was thankful to Donna and Steph for helping us get to the airport and get going.

Once through customs and baggage check, I was informed I was "randomly" selected for special screening. Not too eventful, but that's because I'm starting to expect these things. We grabbed breakfast and boarded our plane without further event. The flight went pretty good, other than a 30 min delay because they forgot to do the safety run through on our plane. Go ahead, please, we'll just wait here.

We had our layover in Chicago, which a few days ago was cause for concern due to weather and backlogs, but all was well. Nichole loved the underground tunnel from Terminal C to Terminal B, what with all the escalators and moving pedways, so we went back and forth a few times before getting to the food court for some lunch. Greasy, expensive, more or less normal airport cuisine. We got our next flight and went on our way.

We landed in Orlando on time, and headed straight to the Disney shuttle we had booked. We had decided to take the risk of labeling our bags with pre-printed Disney luggage tags that should eventually find their way to our resort and room. And they did. It did take the full 3 hours they warned us it could, but almost to my surprise, we got them.

After we checked in, while we waited for our bags, we made use of our limited meal plan included in our Disney bundle and had some supper. FYI, when at the food court in the Riverside Port Orleans resort, get the build-your-own pasta vs the chicken pieces. We got back to our room, got ready for bed, received our luggage, and settled in for the night. Well, everyone else did. Now, I'll join them. Until next time!


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